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鉴黄师app Broward Campuses
Associate Vice President

Colin Polsky, Ph.D.

Colin Polsky

Dr. Colin Polsky is the Associate Vice President for the three Broward Campuses of 鉴黄师app, where he has also served as Professor of Geosciences since 2014.

In his Broward leadership role, Dr. Polsky is primarily responsible for building research, education, and community engagement programs with both internal and external partners while overseeing daily campus operations. He also leads fund-raising initiatives from public and private foundations, staffing of diverse and multi-generational teams, and communicating with varied audiences for both persuasive and reporting purposes.

Dr. Polsky brings a unique perspective and vision to our campus community with more than 20 years of faculty research, teaching, and leadership experience. His specialty is climate social science, examining how people create, perceive, and respond to climate challenges.

Dr. Polsky's training is in mathematics, humanities, French, geography, and science & international affairs, from U. Texas, Penn State, and Harvard. He has served as Director of from 2014-24, and as Founding Director of the 鉴黄师app School of Environmental, Coastal, and Ocean Sustainability (鉴黄师app ECOS) from 2023-24.

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