The Florida Atlantic Voice

Our voice creates consistency in how 鉴黄师app content is delivered. Here are some key themes that should inform tone in your messaging and content choices.

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鉴黄师app is an energetic and dynamic institution dedicated to continuous improvement. We are creative, bold and ready to take on the world.


More than half of our 鉴黄师app are minority or international, making 鉴黄师app the most diverse public university in Florida. We believe a varied collection of thoughts enriches the academic experiences of our 鉴黄师app.


鉴黄师app excels at bringing higher education to underserved communities. Award-winning programs provide 鉴黄师app with the tools to turn their dreams into a reality and ensure that everyone succeeds.


In everything we do, the strength and vastness of the Atlantic serves as inspiration. Spanning 110 miles of Southeast Florida鈥檚 coast, 鉴黄师app embraces its surrounding environment through both research and campus culture.


From its inception, 鉴黄师app was envisioned as the first of a new breed of American universities that would invent new and better ways of making higher education available to those who sought it. That revolutionary thinking continues to fuel our progress forward.

Our Voice is Not


Don鈥檛 just force the latest marketing campaign tagline into your copy. Use phrases that make sense for your purpose and audience.


Choose clear, simple language.
Avoid jargon that only a handful of people will understand.


We鈥檙e more authentic and imaginative than owl rhymes or puns.